Hog Watering

Hog Watering

From gestation to finishing, Edstrom Nipple Waterers deliver clean, fresh water to your hogs via a simple and rugged design.


Edstrom nipple waterers can be found in nearly every major hog facility across the United States. Why? The answer is simple – our product is built to last. Made from durable stainless steel, the simple, rugged and reliable Edstrom design provides many years of trouble-free service. Providing clean, fresh water without the use of screens, springs or orifices, our patented design and precise manufacturing, assembling and testing procedures eliminate the most common causes of leakage and plugging. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our nipple waterers, we back each one with a 5-year warranty.


  • Unique design: simple, rugged design operates without problematic springs, orifices, or screens.
  • Extremely reliable: high quality materials and manufacturing techniques ensure many years of trouble-free operation. Made to withstand harsh treatment from hogs and remain leak-free, saving you water and money.
  • Provides plenty of drinking water: designed to satisfy the water requirements of every hog, each Edstrom Nipple is factory calibrated with the proper flow rate.
  • Reduces water waste: saves water over competitive nipples and trough watering methods.
  • Variable flow feature: the nipple’s flow rate is adjustable by modifying the tightness of the retainer screw. This eliminates the need for orifices and their protecting screens which easily plug and stop the flow of water.
  • Drip adjustment screw: nipple can be partially activated to provide a slow or fast drip of water for training purposes.
  • Easy installation: operates on pressure systems up to 50 psi. All waterers have a MPT connection, which comes pre-wrapped with Teflon tape for quick installation in brackets.

Automatic Pig & Hog Watering Brochure
Set Descending Direction

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  1. Stem Dog/Hog DV Stem Dog/Hog DV
    Stem Dog/Hog DV
  2. Diaphragm Dog/Hog DV (Blue) Diaphragm Dog/Hog DV (Blue)
  3. O-Ring Dog/Hog DV (Flat-bottom) O-Ring Dog/Hog DV (Flat-bottom)
  4. Retainer Screw Dog/Hog DV Retainer Screw Dog/Hog DV
    Retainer Screw Dog/Hog DV
  5. Hog Nipple for Watering Hog Nipple for Swine Watering
    Hog Nipple
  6. Dog/Hog Valve Adapter Dog/Hog Valve Adapter
    Dog/Hog Valve Adapter
  7. Pressure Reducer/Filter Station 8-17psi Pressure Reducer/Filter Station 8-17psi
  8. Piglet Watering Nipple Edstrom Piglet Nipple
    Piglet Nipple
  9. Edstrom Piglet Trainer Valve Piglet Trainer Valve for Swine
    Piglet Trainer Valve
  10. Hi-Capacity Sow Diaphragm, Blue, 4-Hole Hi-Capacity Sow Diaphragm, Blue, 4-Hole
Set Descending Direction

16 items

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How it works:

The Valve

The sealing force in Edstrom nipple waterers comes from a silicone rubber diaphragm, which provides the necessary pressure for keeping the valve closed. This prevents water from flowing under the stem head and out of the nipple. Water is dispensed only when the pig moves the stem by biting on it. One side of the stem head lifts off the o-ring, allowing water to flow under it and out to the animal. When the pig releases the end of the stem, the elasticity of the silicone rubber diaphragm pushes the stem head back to the closed position, stopping the flow of water.


The System

Incoming water to the system travels first through a filter and then through the pressure regulator to reduce pressure to approximately 15 psi. Next, water crosses through the distribution piping and down to the nipple waterer for access by the hogs. The Filter/Pressure Regulator Station has a capacity of 10 gallons per minute (GPM) and can supply up to 100 hog nipples or 200 piglet nipples.

Unique Design

The patented, all stainless steel Edstrom nipple is a simple, yet rugged, design that operates without the use of troublesome springs, orifices or screens. The design uses a lever, or stem, which the pig moves by biting to release water into its mouth. When the pig removes its mouth, the lever is returned to its closed position by the elastic force of the silicone rubber diaphragm. The diaphragm can be flexed millions of times without failure; it is not subject to breakage due to corrosion or mineral buildup as are springs. A standard O-ring is used to provide a positive water seal.


Easy Installation

Edstrom nipples will work on gravity or pressure systems up to 50 psi. All waterers have a 1/2" MPT connection, and the threads are wrapped with Teflon tape at the factory. This means you can quickly install Edstrom nipples in your brackets without having to apply messy pipe thread compounds or sealants.


Variable Flow Feature

The flow rate of water discharged from Edstrom nipples can be varied by adjusting the tightness of the Retainer Screw. By tightening the Retainer Screw the water flow is reduced. This Variable Flow Feature eliminates the need for orifices and their protecting screens which easily plug and stop the flow of the water.